Columbia ParCar Custom Carts, Inc. here referred to Columbia Vehicle Group (CVG).


The Columbia Vehicle Group (CVG) electric vehicles have been designed and manufactured to comply with various rules
and regulations, but not all. Consumers should verify their own market regulations; CVG makes no assertion or claim
that their electric vehicles meet every regulation. The operation of CVG vehicles is subject to all applicable state and
local laws, the effect of which may be to further limit or prohibit the lawful operation of these vehicles in certain

Do not operate these vehicles without a valid and appropriate government-issued driver's license. CVG supports the safe
and legal use of our products and, therefore, strongly recommends that you inquire with the relevant state and local
municipalities before attempting to operate these vehicles on roadways or in closed communities. Do not operate these
vehicles in violation of applicable law, contrary to the instructions or recommendations contained in the Owner’s
Manual, warning labels or beyond your own skill set. Accessories may further restrict the recommended speed and use
of our vehicles. To reduce the risk of injury, always operate these vehicles in a safe and conscientious manner. Wear
your seat belts. Never allow children to drive or ride along if their feet cannot firmly be planted on the floorboard while
sitting upright against the backrest even when utilizing a child safety seat.

Never consume alcohol or drugs while operating an electric vehicle, stay alert to your surroundings and use your
common sense. Charge properly, often and only charge well-watered batteries using the recommended sized extension
cord. Keep your battery terminals properly torqued and corrosion free.

Perform a pre-ride checklist that assures your lights, brakes, tires and safety equipment are operating properly Inspect
your batteries to assure the meet the battery manufacturers recommendations. Follow the recommended service

Store your vehicle properly and according to recommendations. CVG recommends the use of flat-spot reducing parking
devices when a vehicle is parked for more than three days.

Never manipulate your motor or controller settings. Excessive torque or speed beyond the 16-19 mph for a PTV or 22-25
for an LSV, even when performed by a Dealer, is not authorized by CVG and will terminate any and all warranty. Any
efforts to alter the programming will terminate the warranty.

Range, if indicated, is influenced by driving habits, environment, terrain maintenance, tire pressure, battery condition
& size and a wide range of other influences. Your particular use may be different from those indicated.
Your vehicle limited warranty is governed by numerous procedures. Its’ activation starts at the point of first use when
sold by a CVG authorized Dealer. It does not cover wearable items like tires, brake pads etc. Batteries are not covered
under warranty by CVG. Please see your Dealer or battery manufacturer for those details and coverage. Inspect your
vehicle finishes prior to purchase. Always take a test drive and read the online warranty coverage.

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This web site may contain links to or be accessed through links on world wide web sites of CVG dealers. CVG dealers are
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operation or performance of web sites of CVG dealers, or any other sites, to which this web site may be linked or from
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CVG is an original equipment manufacturer and wholesale distributor of electric vehicles, accessories and parts sold
exclusively through authorized dealers and service centers. Select the Dealer Location tab to find a dealer near you. The
following trademarks identify the wholesale distributor service provided by CVG: ANVIL, Blackwood, Crankwear, E-
Merge, Evolve, Frontwide Technology, Generation Ride, Giveback, Imsafe, Operator In Charge, Powerstance, Smart
Start, Startsmart, Stealth Speed, Anvil, Vanish, Widetrak, Vanish. All rights reserved.
Should any user of this Web Site send any feedback or data, such as ideas, comments, suggestions or questions
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not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products incorporating such ideas, concepts, know-how or

This Web Site may be accessed by users internationally and may contain references or cross references to CVG products,
programs and services that are not available or are prohibited in your country. Such references do not imply that CVG
intends to make available in your country such products, programs or services or that such products may lawfully be
used in your country. CVG reserves the right without prior notice to discontinue models, parts and accessories, and
other items or change specifications at any time without incurring any obligations. The vehicles, parts and accessories
and other items pictured on this site and those built to the specifications listed herein are for sale in the U.S. only.
Vehicle and accessory specifications may vary from country to country depending on local laws, and some models and
accessories are not available in certain countries. Please note that many countries prohibit the importation, registration
and/or use of vehicles and accessories not built to their country's specifications. You must check with your local
authorized CVG Dealer for details on the application of any parts, accessories or models listed or displayed in this web

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